Optimize Training and Recovery.

Workouts may not always have the intended effect.

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Individual Advanced
Gyms and Fitness
Team Real Time
Training Performance Monitoring
    Training Performance
    Physical Workload
    Daily Stress and Recovery
    Training Effect
    Weight Management
Real Time Training Monitoring
    Personal Real Time Performance
    Android / iPhone
    Team Real Time Performance
    Distance Online Monitoring
Workout & Diet Log
    Diet Organizer
    Workout Trainer
    Tracking Nutrition
    Exercise Log
Training Assessment
    Athletic Performance
    Prevention and Recovery
    Athletic Training Assessment
    Cardiovascular Vitality Test
Advance Training Assessment
    Anaerobic Alactic Index
    Anaerobic Lactic Index
    Aerobic Index
    Over Training Index
    Recuperation Index
    Anaerobic Threshold
    Aerobic Threshold
    Exercise Reserve Assessment
Cumulative Stress Assessment
    Physical Stress Reserve
    Mental Stress Reserve
    Functional Age
    Overall Health Level
Advance Health Assessment
    Autonomic Nervous System Assessment
    Pulse Wave Velocity
    Exercise Vascular Assessment
    Peripheral Arterial Tone
    12-lead ECG Analysis
    Exercise ECG Assessment
    Heart Rate Variability Analysis
QAthlete Software
    Web Base Access
    QAthlete Pro Software for Windows 10
    QAthlete iPhone / iPad App
    QAthlete Android Phone App
QAthlete Hardware Options
    Bluetooth Heart Rate BeltRequired
Not Included
Compatible HR Belts
    Ant Heart Rate Belt
    QAthlete Mobile 3-lead ECG
    QAthlete 3-lead/12-lead ECG
    QAthlete EMG
    QAthlete SpO2 & PWV
    Team-Pod Device

Workouts may not always have the intended effect. Optimize Training and Recovery.