Optimize Training and Recovery.

Workouts may not always have the intended effect.

What Determines Athletic Performance?

The foundation of athletic performance is comprised of the following:

Every sport involves a collection of specific movements. Skill is the biomechanical precision and efficiency with which an athlete performs these movements.

Biological Power
Speed, strength and endurance are required to perform any sport over a prolonged period of time. The ability of an athlete to produce the energy needed for performance comes from biological power.

Capabilities are the ability to utilize skill and harness biological power at the time it is needed for performance.
Excelling in sport requires a harmonious collaboration of strength, biological power and capability. With targeted conditioning and proper execution, performance is optimal and goals are surpassed. QAthlete provides the tools necessary to activate this level of performance.

Monitor Capabilities And Improve Performance

Capability can mean the difference between an okay performance and an outstanding performance. When skill and power are firing effectively together, athletic preparedness and the capacity to excel are optimized which ultimately leads to enhanced sport performance.

Improve Athletic Capabilities
Information is key to improvement. QAthlete puts laboratory testing at your fingertips and by doing so, opens the door to advanced athletic science. The benefits of QAthlete are far-reaching:

* Portable performance lab monitors multiple biological systems
* Comprehensive insight into athletic response to training, lifestyle and stress
* Observe, monitor and improve capabilities
* Test athletes as often as required; assessments are noninvasive

Monitoring capabilities takes the guesswork out of performance and enables athletes to perform to their greatest potential.

Predict Performance

Testing performance regularly gives coaches and sport specialists valuable insight into progress and skill level enabling them to predict future performance.

Traditionally, coaches have used exertion tests to determine athletic ability, however, since the tests are physically stressful and carry risk of injury, they can only be administered a handful of times over the course of a season.

QAthlete assessments provide similar results to these tests without the associated risks. Coaches can monitor their athletes with regularity without subjecting them to stressful tests that may strain or aggravate bodies.

* Tests are done at rest and can be performed anywhere
* Results are generated quickly for instant feedback
* Athletes can be tested on a frequent, regular basis

Workouts may not always have the intended effect. Optimize Training and Recovery.