Optimize Training and Recovery.

Workouts may not always have the intended effect.

Energy Expenditure and Weight Management

Weight is something most people struggle with at some point in their lives. Maintaining a healthy weight is difficult for most and a serious issue for many. Excess weight not only affects the way you look but, more importantly, your overall wellbeing and quality of life. Obesity has been linked to countless health risks and illnesses. The key to battling the bulge is effective weight management.

Science tells us that weight management is simple arithmetic based on the balance of energy in versus energy out. Finding this balance can be extremely difficult. Many people get confused counting calories or estimating energy burned during exercise. As a result, weight may fluctuate and goals may become unattainable.

QAthlete solves this prevalent issue by providing an exact estimation of the total daily energy consumption and expenditure. These concrete values take the mystery out of losing weight and facilitate healthy, goal-orientated weight management.

Key Benefits of QAthlete Energy Expenditure monitoring

• Precise measure of energy consumption (EE)
• Analysis of the effects of daily activities on EE
• Detailed reports for targeted analysis: Energy Expenditure Report and Weight Management Report

Energy Expenditure Report

This report analyzes energy expenditure during physical activity. Values are distributed based on intensity levels and comparisons are made with the energy expenditure of other activities. In addition, this report provides an estimation of total energy expended during a 24 hour period based on the individual’s unique profile and activity levels.

The Energy Expenditure Report is an important tool for healthy weight management. Any individual interested in harnessing the power of science to manage energy intake and consumption would benefit greatly from this report.

QAthlete Energy Expenditure Report features

• Comprehensive charts depicting energy expenditure
• Ability to contrast expenditure based on variables
• Description of health effects and risks
• Energy expenditure forecasts for full 24-hr periods
• Follow-up resources

QAthlete Energy Expenditure Report applications

• Compare the energy expenditure of different workouts
• Analyze the distribution of physical activity at different intensity levels
• Reveal your daily energy expenditure
• Assess energy distribution during measurements

Weight Management Report

Knowing exactly the types of food your body requires can be confusing and difficult to grasp. The Weight Management report provides valuable information about the proportions of fat and carbohydrates suitable for your specific needs. Further, the report specifies target heart rates at which fat expenditure and total energy expenditure reach their highest levels. Based on your data, the report assesses different diets and the potential weight fluctuations caused by each.

This report is ideal for individuals interested in managing their weight safely, refining their diet and maintaining a healthy body inside and out.

Weight Management Report features

• Breakdown of how energy is distributed across sources
• Description of energy expenditure and maximal levels(kcal/min)
• Targeted levels for maximum fat metabolizing
• Illustrations of energy output and balance
• Forecast for weight loss and fluctuations based on current stats
• Follow-up resources

Weight Management Report applications

• Assess total daily energy expenditure
• Compare the energy expenditure of different activities
• Determine the optimal training intensity to metabolize fat and carbohydrates
• Monitor long-term development of energy balance
• Choose the healthiest, most suitable diet for your body

Workouts may not always have the intended effect. Optimize Training and Recovery.