Optimize Training and Recovery.

Workouts may not always have the intended effect.

Health Assessment

With the dynamics of the modern world people are getting busier and busier. Often people need to squeeze in their schedules all kinds of unexpected tasks. As much as you might want, you might never find time to get enough health-care attention. In such cases health-risk prevention is even more important and the less time-consuming it is, the less need for additional adjustments of busy schedules.

QAthlete offers two major health services:

Physical and Mental Stress Assessment - this includes a Health Snapshot of your overall health condition; accumulative physical and mental stress assessment; early stage warning system.

E-coaching & Stress Relief - health improvement system for dealing with stress and health-risk factors, based on E-coaching biofeedback breathing technologies.

QAthlete provides a unique way for you and your family to:

* Take fast and easy (5 min) health evaluation.
* Observe the influence of daily factors (workload, daily activities, and other stress factors).
* Track health changes and reveal accumulative stress in their early stages.
* Monitor your training activity
* Best health warning system
* Improve you momentary stress

In only 5 minutes, one of QAthlete's services known as the Health Snapshot will reliably evaluate your condition in terms of accumulative physical and mental stress level. You will know in no time how you and your family really are.

With Stress Relieving functionality you can really take control over physical and mental stress accumulated in your body. QAthlete Stress Reliever has been designed to prevent, manage and reverse the negative effects of stress. With it you can learn how to operate your mind, body and heart as a unified system, and achieve new levels of health and well-being. It helps you effectively reduce your stress levels and revitalize your entire body. Continuous reducing of momentary stress can affect your accumulative stress and health level.

Workouts may not always have the intended effect. Optimize Training and Recovery.