Optimize Training and Recovery.

Workouts may not always have the intended effect.

Real Time Physical Activity Monitoring

For One or Several Athletes at the Same Time, Team Pod Device Require

Real Time Physical activity Monitoring is supported with Team Pod Device. Coaches and trainers are able to track and monitor performance of one individual or an entire team of athletes simultaneously. Comprehensive data is generated by QAthlete and available for analyses immediately as well as historically and cumulatively.

Real Time Activity Monitoring

Paired with Team Pod, QAthlete uses cutting edge technology to allow real time measurements of one or multiple players simultaneously. Performance can be viewed over a single workout or a designated time period to allow for comparisons, contrasts and tracking. Coaches and trainers get a detailed analysis of different body parameters including:

* Heart rate
* Energy consumption
* Oxygen consumption
* Workload
* Momentary mental stress reaction
* HRV parameters
* Training Effect

The benefits of real time activity monitoring to both coaches and athletes include the following:

* Customized in real time training plans based upon individual performance
* Reduced risk of injury; monitor physical state to prevent overtraining
* Enhanced overall team competency
* Immediate feedback for real time insight and guidance
* Optimized training; monitor training effect and push athletes accordingly
* Motivate athletes by tracking progress to personal goals in real time


* Physical Workload and Recovery
* Current Training Effect & EPOC (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption)
* Energy Expenditure
* Momentary Mental Stress and Relaxation
* Monitor one or more athletes at the same time

Training Effect

Training effect indicates the performance and exertion level of an exercise session. Knowing training effect can lead to optimized performance. With QAthlete, view the positive training effect of successive workouts on physical fitness and physical condition during the measurement period. Discover the actual effects of your workout in order to train more safely and more effectively.

Epoc (Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption)

EPOC, or the amount of oxygen consumed after exercise during recovery, is the best parameter for measuring training effect. Harnessing this information is vital for targeting the optimal workout zone in order to improve fitness without overtraining. Using science and mathematics to train your body, QAthlete puts the laboratory at your fingertips to empower users with this valuable assessment.

Physical Workload And Recovery

Efficient and effective workouts are essential to improving physical fitness. QAthlete provides important insight into your body's response to exercise by allowing you to observe and monitor physical output, workload and recovery. Reports based on scientific measurements allow you to prepare programs based on your body's specific abilities, enabling you to progress and push the limits of performance without overtraining or risk of injury.

Weight Management & Energy Expenditure, Calories Burned

Effective weight management is exclusively based on the balance of energy intake and energy consumption. While the science is simple many people have a difficult time with maintaining a healthy weight. QAthlete facilitates goal-orientated weight management by providing an exact estimation of the total daily energy consumption as well as the effects of everyday activities on energy consumption.

Daily Momentary Mental Stress And Relaxation

Stress is present in our lives in two major ways: momentary stress and cumulative stress. Momentary stress occurs during our working lives as well as during sleep and can accumulate over time. Continuous increases in momentary stress leads to long-term, cumulative stress which can result in physical and mental breakdown. It is, therefore, important to measure momentary stress, recover quickly from it and understand its effect on our bodies. QAthlete is a proven method of measuring the physiological reactions of stress and recovery. QAthlete is also designed to help and analyze your sleep and improve it.

Real Time Activity Monitoring  (Multi Athletes Simultaneous) Real Time Activity Monitoring  (Multi Athletes Simultaneous) Real Time Activity Monitoring  (Multi Athletes Simultaneous)
Real Time Activity Monitoring  (Multi Athletes Simultaneous) Real Time Activity Monitoring  (Multi Athletes Simultaneous) Real Time Activity Monitoring  (Multi Athletes Simultaneous)
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Workouts may not always have the intended effect. Optimize Training and Recovery.